Our Story

Mission of Hope Bolivia is currently working in Santa Cruz, a city of about two million people, and in the Quechua Indian community of Sucre, a city in the Andes Mountains. Most of the Bolivians in these regions live in extreme poverty and cannot afford even the most basic medical care. Children are dying due to a lack of access to simple antibiotics. Mission of Hope is changing the situation by providing free medical care for about 100 patients daily, including free exams, lab work, ultrasound, medicines, and surgeries. As of early 2023, we have seen more than 400,000 patients!

MOHB also brings hope and spiritual healing by sharing the promise that we have in Jesus Christ. Every patient who enters our clinic hears the Word of God and receives prayer. Thousands have made decisions to receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior!

Mission of Hope is a faith-motivated mission. We are also a debt-free organization, taking our financial stewardship very seriously. We invite you to partner with us to bring hope and healing to the people of Bolivia. Together we can make a difference both now and for eternity!